Saturday, 19 January 2013

Happy Moment: Laundry Buddies

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Master Bedroom Reveal

I finally got around to taking some photos of our bedroom to show you.  It is a work in progress, but it is pretty darn close to complete (at least this side of the room) and we are soooo happy with it.  I feel like I'm walking into a suite at a ski lodge when I enter the room.  It's relaxed and cozy and I want to spend time in it.  That is, of course, when there isn't a huge pile of laundry on the bed, which happens a lot these days...  So without further ado, welcome!

** fyi if you're interested, you can read about this project from the beginning: covering the popcorn ceiling with plankingadding crown mouldingpainting, installing the reclaimed wood wall, and felt garland DIY **

Josh made the bed and bedside tables with Douglas Fir, which is abundant here on the West Coast of Canada.  And actually, most of the wood for the headboard, footboard and tables was reclaimed: they were the old wall studs of the house I grew up in before my parents renovated it a couple of years ago, cool eh?  An heirloom in the making!

You can see the old nail holes and marks everywhere, giving it a lot of character.  The super tight vertical grain shows that this wood was from a very old tree back in '70s when it was chopped down to build houses.  For four decades it was hidden behind drywall and plaster, but we've given it new life as a beautiful piece of furniture.

When we were looking for bed design ideas, we were totally diggin' the Pottery Barn Sumatra Storage Bed and Bedside Table.  Josh found this plan for a DIY farmhouse storage bed on Ana White's site (awesome resource for free building plans!) and used it as a starting point to make ours.  The major differences are slab drawer fronts instead of panelled, and taller head- and footboards.  See below for a couple of in-progress bed base photos.

We searched all over town for sconces but we couldn't find any that we liked as much as these from Pottery Barn.  Unfortunately we don't have a PB in Victoria, so we had to order them without seeing them in person, but we love them!  

My only beefs with them is that the hinges don't swivel as much as I'd like, and the "high" (blind-you-when-you-are-ready-to-fall-asleep) setting is after the low one, so Josh and I have to warn each other when turning them off that there is about to be a flash of bright light.  Hmmm, I wonder if they can be wired the other way...

The "bronze finish" on the sconces is a deep gray and it looks stellar against the reclaimed wood wall behind the bed.  There is just a touch of bronze-y hue on the edges which adds some depth and speaks to the warmer wood tones in the room.

Behold the "before" photos!  The "after" shots are an improvement, no?

Josh made the mirror too, which reflects the window and makes the room brighter during the day, and feel bigger. 

You may recall that June's nursery nook is also in our room at the moment.  Can you believe the little bean is already 4 months old?!

We adore our planked ceilings and crown moulding!  It is such an improvement over the popcorn ceiling and I never get bored looking up at it.

So there you have it!  The room needs some more art and when we move June's crib and dresser out we will have a blank wall to fill up.  More projects!  

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Living Room Updates: Karlstad Love

Hello, I hope you are well!  I wanted to share with you our big news: we have a new Karlstad couch with chaise, chair and ottoman for the living room!!!  On New Year's Eve, Josh made the trek over to Ikea in Vancouver to collect them.  We were fond of the old set but, alas, after more than 8 years with us, it was time for it to move on.  We really liked its clean mid-century lines and we wanted something similar for our new pieces.    

We went with the sofa and ottoman in Sivik Dark Grey and the chair in Blekinge White.  The covers are both removable and washable (!) which was one of the biggest reasons for purchasing them.  Side note: some of the other covers are dryclean only!

All the bits (base, back, armrests, cushions, slipcovers, legs) came in boxes and had to be assembled, which wasn't difficult, but was rather heavy and awkward at times.   It took Josh and I from about 8:30 pm to 1:30 am, so around 5 hours for all 3 pieces.  Mind you... that may not be the most accurate assembly time since it was New Year's Eve and we had a glass of bubbly to ring in the new year!    

Oliver loved playing with the boxes before it was time for bed, shifting them around the room.  At one point he had them set up like a staircase and climbed up and down over and over.

Here's an in-progress shot, for interest's sake.

We love our new furniture.  It's super comfortable, it looks great, and it's neutral!  A fresh start for 2013 :)

Friday, 11 January 2013

Roll O Puzz

Look what arrived in the mail today!!!  My new Roll O Puzz.  I'm seriously stoked about this thing.  Now I can begin the puzzle I received for Christmas, without taking over the dining table for months.  Growing up I completed a puzzle nearly every holiday season, but in recent years, having a toddler in the house had put a pause on that tradition... until now!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you!  We had a busy, fun and memorable Christmas season this year.  Lots of laughs, lots of joy, and lots of time together.  Here's a little roundup of some of the things we crammed into the holidays, other than eating fancy cheese.

We went to the beach and threw rocks into the ocean.

We captured a couple family pictures (one of these days we'll get one with all four of us!).

We went to a cupcake cafe and ate, well, cupcakes!  

We watched a zamboni clean the ice between periods at a local hockey game, and took a ride on a firetruck.  Way cool.

And Oliver supervised some road works outside our front fence after a water main broke.  What could be better than having a front row seat at an event that involves a plethora of trucks and workers digging up and repairing the road?

I hope you had some happy moments this holiday season too!  We've taken down all of our decorations and even though the house feels a bit bare, it feels like a fresh start.  In fact I'm already thinking about Spring and starting seeds for the garden and all the projects we want to do this year.  Happy 2013!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Feeling Festive!

Wow!  I can hardly believe Christmas will be here in just a couple of days.  I am feeling more relaxed about it now that my gift and grocery shopping are complete.  The decorations are up and music is playing and I'm feeling festive!

And since this may be your first visit to our home: friends, meet living room.  Living room, meet friends.  There, now that introductions are over, let's have a look around!

Yep, that's our plaid couch and co-ordinating chair.  They were hand-me-downs from Josh's grandmother when we were married.  I guess you could call them vintage since they were custom-made in the 70s!  I've had in mind to make slipcovers for them, but 8 1/2 years later and I still haven't gotten to it.  

Both pieces are really comfortable and I love the lines: mid-century modernish.  They've got character, eh?  And they fit in splendidly at this time of year!

We decided to get two trees, one for the family and the other for Oliver to decorate.  Ollie's tree is a bit bare, with the plan to add more ornaments as we make and collect them, and since taking these photos we've added a few.  Oh, and a bunch of candycanes too!

My nutcrackers are standing at attention on the mantle.  Several of them are authentic nutcrackers straight from Europe, brought back for me by a couple of special people :)

I made the star a few years ago using twine and some branches from a tree we took down.  I like the rustic charm it adds to the scene. 

Here's Oliver decorating his little tree.  We used an ice cream bucket filled with gravel from the garden to keep the tree upright.  I then used some fabric and a ribbon to cover it up.  Easy peasy!

My mum made Oliver this fabric quiet book and it sits in a place of honour by the fireplace. It's AMAZING.  She's got some major talent.  She made the Santa's Workshop advent calendar and our stockings too! 

We found this snowy ornament on our honeymoon in Alaska, and the Santa and Mrs Claus gift train was one of Josh's childhood decorations.  Oliver loves it!  We'll have to track one down for him to add to his own collection.

I've had this tulle and pipe cleaner ballerina since I was a child and I keep it around because it always makes me laugh.  Out loud.  I know, I'm a nerd.

And to keep it real (since this room rarely looks so tidy) here is a recent real-life moment at our house.  The pillows come off the couch at least every other day and the living room becomes a gymnastics and stunt club.  Oh, to be a kid again!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Small Setback

Small in size, not small in impact.  You know when there is either too much noise or not enough noise, and you get a sneaking suspicion that something's up?  This happened this morning when Oliver was unusually quiet.  Busily engaged in the kitchen and thinking he was playing in his bedroom, I called out "what are you up to Oliver?" and his response was "cutting."  Uh-oh.

It turns out he climbed up to my workstation and cut up part of a Christmas project that I've been working on in snippets for the past week.  Boo.  Well, that teaches me to leave my things out!  It also tells me I may never get this project done...

In other news, the tree and decorations are up and the house is feeling festive! I hope to take some photos to share soon!

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